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Obama`s Dog

It is a tradition in the White House for the president and his family to keep a dog. For president Obama it was a very difficult decision since his elder daughter Malia is allergic. Finally they decided for a Portuguese water dog because of its antialleric coat.

The dog was a gift from his friend Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, who also owns Portuguese Water dogs and it was in obedience training with a dog trainer. The White House will be the puppy's fourth home in his six months of life. Of course the new First Dog has triggered the most publicity that Portuguese water dogs have ever had since the breed's introduction into the U.S. in the 1960s. Obama`s daughters Malia and Sasha picked the name "Bo" for him because their cousin ownes a cat by the same name. The dog immedeately charmed the family. At six months, Bo is still very much a "goofy puppy" It is a cute puppy with curly fur, mostly black with white front pads. The entire Obama family introduced Bo to the public during the Easter holidays on the lawn of the White House. President Obama said "he`s a star, he´s got star qualities". Fortunately daughter Malia shows no sings of allergies around the dog. Portuguese water dogs are supposed to be good swimmers, but it remains to be seen, if Bo can swin. Bo receives his food in Svarovski crystal bowles, a gift from President Obama´s recent trip to Prague. The international press wrote that Bo´s favorite food is tomatoes. It has not leaked to the public where Bo is sleeping in the White House, there are hundreds of possibilities. When asked, President Obama mentioned to a reporter "he is not sleeping in my bed".

Actually a lot of people are disappointed by Obama´s decsion for Bo because before he said they would adopt a rescue dog or one from a shelter. The Obamas are making a donation to the D.C. Humane Society. Some critics even say this is unamerican and recommended a poodle. The spokeswoman of Michelle Obama said in an interview, they have looked in shelters but in the end they could´nt turn down Sen. Ted Kennnedy´s offer , since they are close friends to the family.

Portuguese Water dogs were working dogs for fishermen for centuries. They herded and caught fish. They also carried messages between the boats and guarded the boat and the catch. Nowadays technology replaced the water dogs and the breed would have gone, if not a wealthy shipping tycoon started a new breed. Portuguese Water dogs are considered very loyal, intelligent and obedient, they need daily exercises, like jogging or long walks.